About Croydon Vineyards

Our Vineyards, Our Home

Croydon's vineyards, located in the heart of South Africa's Cape winelands, have been producing grapes since 2003.

Croydon focuses on the three main components of terroir - soil, climate and the cultivar. Our vineyards are amongst some of the oldest viticultural soils, and benefit from a diverse landscape with heavy clay subsoil in some parts of the vineyard, and sandy soil with a high water table in others. 

Our Bounty in the Cape of Storms

Our "Cape of Storms" climate formed by the meeting to two mighty oceans, has shaped the soil, the vine's behavior and the berry composition. 

Our winery is surrounded by vines of Chenin blanc, Chardonnay, Sauvignon blanc, Pinotage, Merlot, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Malbec grapes. All for the production of our wines.

Our Cultivars

Finally, the artful wine making by our resident Cellarmaster rounds off the marriage which comes through in three distinct ranges of Croydon wines - Title Deed, Covenant and Portion Twenty.

Each bottle captures Croydon's uniqueness.

Our World

Our Terroir

Croydon vineyards are blessed with a very particular soil, predominantly clay sub-soil from an ancient alluvial deposit. This is coated with a granite gravel topsoil deposited from the granite mountains overlooking the vineyards.

Our Harvest

We follow the Capes natural seasonal changes to determine the perfect harvest time, and take our lead from Mother Nature to signal the best time between January and March pick grapes.

Our Winery

Thanks to our unique soil composition and mother nature, most of the work to produce the perfect grapes has been done in the vineyards. Our Cellarmaster uses the winery to enhance what has been captured in the berries.

New World Culture

While South African wine has been in existence since 1659 the region is considered New World. South African wines have been famous in the royal courts of Europe since mid 18th Century. Croydon's Cellarmaster combines the best of old world techniques.

Oldest World Tradition

Our Cellarmaster has built his reputation on a broad base of expertise in wine making, adopting methods reaching as far back as the Roman Empire. 

Following Roman maturation processes in terra-cotta amphuras used by Roman wine makers, our Cellarmaster strives for "old" world-class results.

Crafting Destinction

The key to Croydon's wines is capturing the perfections nurtured by nature and the viticulturist in the vineyards. And the Cellarmaster ensuring this is bottled and suitably matured.

The end result is a distinct experience in wine.